Aircraft Management

Let us help you take care of your investment, from compliance to scheduling and maintenance.

We put the excitement back into aircraft ownership. Spend your time enjoying your airplane, not buried in the details of managing it.

Don't Get Buried In The Details And Stress.
Between routine maintenance, crew training, insurance requirements, and countless other management tasks aircraft management can become a full-time job.
There’s no reason to get buried in the details, stress, and fine print of aircraft management. Trusted by dozens of aircraft owners in the Chattanooga area, Crystal Air manages personal aircrafts of all size and ability. From a small Cessna to a PC-12, we take the stress off your shoulders.

Services included with aircraft management

Aircraft Acquisition

Flight Coordination

FAA Compliance

Hiring and Training of Flight Crew

Maintenance Technicians

Insurance  and  Tax  Guidance

Generate Income When Aircraft is Not In Use

Hear From Our Customers

Clark Campbell

Flight Instruction
Before starting my private pilot training, I visited two other options in the area, and it only took one visit to Crystal Air (my third stop) to realize how much Crystal Air stood out compared to the other options. I couldn’t be happier with my investment and couldn’t be more confident in my training thanks to the safety and technology Crystal Air brings to students like me in Southeast Tennessee.

Adam Wulff

When my RV6 needed an engine overhaul, Taylor at Crystal Air connected me with their lead mechanic. Their team worked wonders in reassembling it, showcasing their expertise and dedication. Despite the initial challenges, their fair rates, hard work, and dedication to seeing this done and done well made all the difference. I'm beyond pleased with Crystal Air! They turned something awful into a constant source of joy again.

Martin Ing

Aircraft Management, Maintenance
We've worked with Crystal Air for over three years, and they manage two aircraft for our company. They're knowledgeable, reliable, and great folks to work with. From ownership to maintenance to the pro-pilots, we couldn't recommend them more highly.

Allow Us to Sweat The Small Stuff

We will manage the details of your aircraft, from routine maintenance to who sits where.

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